Consulting Overview & Rates


Our rates are always up-front and in the open, every client pays the same rate and there are no hidden costs - you get the best support at a rate that makes sense. The Nisor Ness workforce are located in the Midwest and we operate out of a virtual office. Since we don’t pay for a brick and mortar location that means we can pass that savings on to you.

Senior Consultant - $80/Hr.

Senior consultants are experts in their field. These are thought leaders in the workplace who have a deep understanding of the technology they support and know which technologies are the best to solve problems unique to your business. Senior consultants can make the most of your existing technology or employ best-of-breed solutions to help your business accomplish it’s goals in the most efficient way possible. Senior consultants stay abreast of trends and products in the industry and are always looking for better, more modern solutions that require less IT overhead and bring faster value to market. Senior consultants are the baseline for Nisor Ness, you can always be guaranteed to have a senior on your side with more than 10 years experience under their belt.

Architect - $110/Hr.

Architects have all the skills our senior consultants have and a little more. Architects can provide the vision beyond the data and BI platform and help you understand how to integrate modern data and BI solutions in to your enterprise architecture. Architects have a deep understanding of microservice architecture, pub/sub and message queuing systems, and cloud technologies. Architects have have more than 15 years experience implementing data and BI solutions.