Microsoft Power BI Report Server Licensing - On-Prem Power BI

Wanted to make a quick post about the licensing model for Power BI on-prem, how it works with SSRS Report Server, and a few other details you might want to know:

  • If you currently have a SQL Enterprise license with software assurance and a minimum of 4 cores, you are entitled to the on-prem Power BI Report Server at no additional cost.
  • If you do not have a SQL Enterprise license with SA you can opt to purchase the Power BI Server standalone license for $5000 a month. I think it is cheaper to buy an enterprise license with SA.
  • The Microsoft PowerBI on-prem solution is called Power BI Report Server. This can be confusing because we already have SSRS Report Server which is often referred to as "Report Server". The Power BI people at Microsoft are also calling the Power BI Report Server "Report Server" much for clarity.
  • When you install Power BI Report Server, it's the same as SSRS Report Server with the added support of publishing Power BI reports to it. When you install a new instance of Power BI Report Server you will want backup and restore your existing SSRS Report Server databases to the Power BI Report Server. This will preserve all SSRS reporting while adding in the option to publish and consume Power BI reports from "Report Manager".
  • The current version of Power BI Report Server only works with SSAS, it has no support for other data sources at this time.
  • There is no dashboard support in the initial release of Power BI Report Server..